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Industrial gantry crane lifting and operating mechanism

Jan 26, 2018
Industrial gantry crane lifting hoisting mechanism includes motor, brake, reducer, reel drum and pulley block. Motor driven drum rotation through the reducer, so that the wire rope can wind or loosen in the drum to lift heavy objects. The trolley frame is a welded steel structure that supports and installs hoisting mechanisms, trolley operating mechanisms and other components.
Industrial gantry crane operating mechanism drive can be divided into two categories: one is the centralized drive, that is a motor drive long shaft to drive both sides active wheel; the other is driven separately, that is both sides active wheel with a motor.
Medium and small industrial gantry crane are more adopt the "three in one" drive mode: brake, reducer and motor combined into one, large lifting capacity industrial gantry crane is often used universal coupling for easy installation and adjustment.
single girder gantry crane

double girder gantry crane