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Industrial gantry crane lifting and safe operation

Jan 21, 2019
What are the basic points of industrial gantry crane lifting and safe operation?

Do a good job before the working
1) Prepare and inspect lifting equipment, including wire ropes, clamps, etc.;
2) Prepare auxiliary equipment, including skids, masts, wire hooks, etc.;
3) Identify and clean up the location of the object, require flatness and spaciousness;
4) Should select the suitable spreader, such as a grab for loose materials.
Improve bundle skill
1) Determine the appropriate lashing point according to the shape and position of the center of gravity;
2) Objects with angular edges shall be covered with planks, tires, sacks, etc.;
3) Consider whether it is convenient to remove the hanging objects.
The contact signal should be standardized.
Choose a safe location based on specific conditions.

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