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Traveling gantry crane buffer

Jan 22, 2018
The traveling gantry crane buffer is an important part of the gantry crane, its function is to absorb the gantry crane cushion to prevent the gantry crane from collide with other objects. Traveling gantry crane buffer should be placed in two places, one is gantry crane body, one is the wall, track and other may collide with gantry crane.
Traveling gantry crane buffer are divided into three types:
Physical buffer
Physical buffer is divided into rubber buffer and polyurethane buffer. Both have their own characteristics, the rubber buffer is structure simple, can play a blocking role, while the polyurethane buffer can absorb more energy, corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, can be both explosion-proof and insulation, low price, long service life, installation and maintenance is also very convenient, so polyurethane buffers are the most widely used in the international crane insudtry.
Spring buffer
The structure of the spring buffer is very simple, spring and shell. Its work principle is changing traveling gantry crane collides force into the spring compression energy to prevent the accident.
Hydraulic buffer
When a traveling gantry crane crashes, the hydraulic buffers can make the gantry crane decelerate to stop by hydraulic damping, prevent the mechanism from being damaged due to the hard collision, achieve a certain degree of protection.
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