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What should be paid attention to industrial gantry crane ope

May 15, 2018
The industrial gantry cranes are very common used, such as mining, construction industries, etc. In terms of operations, we need to pay more attention to avoid accidents.
First, Must ensure that the work site must be flat and there are no pits;
Second, Before the operation, it must be tested first.
Third, When the industrial gantry cranes are operating, must maintain the vertical lifting of the wire rope.
Fourth, should keep a certain interval between the hook and the pulley
Fifth, During the operation, the operator should be vigilant. Once notice that there is abnormal noise, the lifting is not smooth, etc., should immediately shut down for inspection.
Sixth, The operator must not be overloaded, must not exceed the industrial gantry cranes' rated capacity and work class.
Seventh, When in rain and snow, workers must pay more attention.
single girder gantry crane

double girder gantry crane