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Wind pressure and brake force of gantry crane

Dec 21, 2018
When the full-loaded gantry crane is in the constant position at both ends, the support legs receives the maximum vertical stress. The gantry crane with the cantilever arm, the support legs receives the greatest vertical stress when the gantry crane is at the end of the extended arm.
The gantry crane which has cantilever arm must allow the goods pass freely through the support legs.
According to the gantry cranes bending moment diagram and the scissors diagram generated by their own weight and dynamic load, we can calculate the braking force, the friction between the wheel and the track is 0.15.
Longitudinal wind pressure can take 20-25 kg/m2 due to wind pressure and braking force.
Single girder gantry crane
single girder gantry crane

Double girder gantry crane
double girder gantry crane