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Mobile gantry crane weekly inspection

Mar 14, 2018
1. Mobile gantry crane weekly inspection should check the wear of brake shoe of each mechanism, the installation and fixing status of each pin, and the conditions of wear, lubrication, and brakes.
2. Check the contactor, controller contacts burned condition and contact condition, check the lubrication condition of the cam shaft and roller.
3. Check each transmission mechanism of mobile gantry crane and check if the sound is normal.
4. Check the wire rope wear condition.
5. Check the coupling bolts of mobile gantry crane are appropriate.
6. Check the double-brake hoisting mechanism, and check brake dynamic torque.
7. Inspect all lubrication areas and regularly lubricate as required to ensure the mobile gantry crane has a good lubrication conditions.
8. Thoroughly clean the mobile gantry crane, clear the dirt and eliminate the reducer oil leakage.
Single girder gantry crane
single girder gantry crane

Double girder gantry crane
double girder gantry crane