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Mobile gantry crane manufacturing standards

Jun 09, 2018
The reference standards of Mobile gantry crane specify the technical requirements, tests, inspections, signs, packaging, transportation and storage conditions and requirements for Mobile gantry cranes.
GB700-88 Carbon structural steel
GB985-88 Basic types and dimensions of manual arc welding and gas shielded welded grooves
GB986-88 Basic types and dimensions of submerged arc weld beads
GB1182~1184-80 Tolerance of shape and position
GB1497-85 Basic standard for low voltage electrical appliances
GB1801~1802-79 Tolerance and Cooperation
GB3323-87 Radiographic and quality grading of steel fusion welding butt joints
GB3811-83 Crane design specification
GB4942.1-85 Motor shell protection class
GB4942.2-93 Low-voltage electrical enclosure protection class
GB5905-86 Crane test specifications and procedures
GB6067-85 Crane safety regulations
GB10095-88 Accuracy of involute cylindrical gear
GB10096-88 Rack precision
GB11345-89 Steel weld manual ultrasonic testing method and classification of flaw detection results
GBJ232-82 Electrical installation construction and acceptance specifications
CB3123-82 Quality standards for steel cuts for rolled steel
JB2759-80 General technical for mechanical and electrical product packaging
JB3167-82 Minimum size of openings for maintenance of construction machinery
JB3774-84 Construction machinery noise limits and measurement methods
JT2299-78 Mining and engineering lifting and transporting machinery product paint color and safety sign
mobile gantry crane
mobile gantry crane