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Working principle of Outdoor gantry crane windproof iron wed

Jun 06, 2018
The windproof iron wedge is a brake product developed on the basis of the basic requirements of Outdoor gantry crane. The product is a wind protection device designed and manufactured on the basis of digestion and absorption of advanced technology and structural innovation.
When the windproof iron wedge is electrified, the electric hydraulic propeller moves and the push rod rises, lift the iron wedge through the lever and transmission mechanism to make the crane work properly. When the power cut off, the push rod is placed on the track by the lever, and the wheel is wedged to the track under the storm to protect Outdoor gantry cranes safety.
The windproof iron wedge structure is reasonable, the action is reliable, and adopt the reasonable shape, high strength and high hardness friction block to ensure the whole operation.
Single girder gantry crane
single girder gantry crane

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